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7 Chakra white Sage smudging herbs with 7 Color Rose petals - 7" 1Pc

7 Chakra white Sage smudging herbs with 7 Color Rose petals - 7" 1Pc

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Color rose Petals 7" one  bundle


Welcome to the world of cleansing and spiritual balance with this 7 Chakra white sage herb! Perfect for smudging ceremonies and harnessing the power of each of the seven chakras, this chakra sage herb is a must-have for any spiritual seeker. Each color  chakras represent  seven different colors, allowing you to work with each one’s unique chakra. Light this chakra sage and let the aromatic, healing smoke fill the area with an uplifting energy that will help clear negative energy, clear your thoughts, and ground your spirit. Enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being naturally with this 7 Chakra white sage bundle.

  • The benefits of burning white sage getting rid of negative energy, cleansing ,purification, and healing benefits. 
  • Natural rose petals are placed on the sage bundle, petals may have variation in color and browning as the drying process occurs.
  • All-natural sage products are placed in sheer bags for transportation. To prevent mold please keep it at room temperature, not in extreme temperatures, and not in sealed packages.



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