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Grey Aphrodite

4 Pcs White Sage + Yellow Strawflower Sage Bundles Smudge

4 Pcs White Sage + Yellow Strawflower Sage Bundles Smudge

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These are the finest harvest from Southern California. It is wrapped with yellow strawflower.

A set of 4 bundles.

The size is 4 1/2" length.

white sage -cleansing negative energy and purification


Create the perfect atmosphere in your home and enjoy the pleasure of aromatherapy with 4 Pcs White Sage + Yellow Strawflower! With the combination of the calming white and healing yellow, your senses will be sure to benefit from it. Burning the sage can be useful for many reasons, such as a housewarming gift, a healing ritual, or just simply filling your living space with a pleasant aroma. Whether you are new to the spiritual realm or you are an experienced practitioner, this cleansing bundle can be a great addition to your spiritual space. When paired with other purchases or gifts, these 4 Pcs White Sage + Yellow Strawflower will bring peace and harmony to any area they are placed in!



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