Smudging Sage Bundles

Smudging Sage Bundles

Smudging prayers can be used for protection, cleansing home, healing and for cleansing yourself. Sage is good for getting rid of negative energy.

You can smudge yourself before meditating. Sage is a great way to start  your meditation by purifying the air. I like to smudge myself before I start meditating and doing my yoga poses.

When holding the sage, focus on your intention and visualize it being released from the space with each exhale. You can also say out loud what you’re trying to manifest in this space.


White sage is often used for protection and is especially helpful if you’re feeling drained or overwhelmed. White sage can help to clear all the negative energy from your body and home, leaving you feeling recharged and restored.


Sage is also a great tool for manifesting whatever it is that you want in life. When you smudge, focus on your goals and intentions

Smudge prayers can also be used during the smudging process. For example, you could say out loud something like “I am filling this space with love and light.” This helps to affirm your intentions and create a positive energy.

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